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We’d like to welcome our newest candle: CHARLESTON!! (She’s fresh and floral, scented with the local favorite: Spanish moss + top notes of honeysuckle and rose). She’s pictured here on the famous “rainbow row” where all the homes are painted wild colors! There’s so much history in this town, and more importantly, our dear @fancysarah is from South Carolina, so I guess you can say we are inspired. I also spent many a summer break heading to not only Charleston but Hilton head island... so we have a new collection coming very soon! Get ready for it!! #charleston #southcarolina #womenempoweringwomen
01 Oct 2019
228 12
Spent the afternoon smelling herbs, buying cacti and new houseplants. Sometimes when I’m feeling like I need to ground myself, I’ll go look at plants or play in my garden. After you’re finished with your Flores Candle jar, upcycle it with a plant or makeup brushes, coffee mugs, etc. #grounded #houseplants #cacti
29 Sep 2019
343 9
And on Saturday nights, we take long long long bubble baths with Epsom salts + geranium essential oil drops to help the skin stay toned and hydrated. It also helps for stretch marks (cough cough new mommas)!! Add a couple of drops of your favorite oils to enhance any bath with aroma and natural herbs. Shout out to @nia_renteria for sharing this #bathtime zen moment with our meditation candle! #relaxation #meditate #epsomsalt #stillness #grounded #candlelight
28 Sep 2019
252 17
The very first candles I made with Flores are THESE beauties: the Los Angeles collection. (1) WEHO is where I live, (2) Malibu is where I used to spend a lot of time on the beach because I didn’t have many friends lol, (3) Silver Lake is where we got to scent our first restaurant @littlepinerestaurant (4) Beverly Hills is our neighbor, (5)Venice is the first place we had pop ups @abbotkinneymarketplace & (6) DTLA is the first place I got really really lost in LA. Hahahahaha. #inspo #doityourself
27 Sep 2019
184 29
People of the world.... SPICE UP YA LIFE!!! This pumpkin spice scented blend smells like warm pumpkin pie dipped in cinnamon butter. 🤤🤤🤤 Inspired by our most basic instincts to indulge, burn this heavenly brew as a luxurious pre-holiday treat 😍 #pumpkinspice #pie #basicbitch 📸 @fancysarah
11 Sep 2019
145 6
Here is your daily zen brought to you by a fellow plant hoarder (and boho decor queen) @raddatattchazz!! The SOHO scent is earthy from the green tea + fresh from the bamboo grass. It’s blends well with the natural aroma of this urban jungle 😍🕯 #urbanjungle #bohohome #urbanjungleblogger
09 Sep 2019
186 13
Yaaassss! Group picture of our DIY class with @owlvenice! Thank you so much to everyone that stopped by and and made candles with us, it was an amazing evening. Keep an eye out, we’ll be doing few more this year 🙃🤸🏻‍♀️ #doityourself #handcrafted #soycandles
08 Sep 2019
145 4
Cheers to getting some rest this weekend after an insane week!! The best scents for calming and rest are: clary sage, lavender, eucalyptus, Palo Santo, and chamomile. #chillin #aromatherapy #essentialoils 🕯 #Repost @hygveg ・・・ You don't want to have an overcrowded bedside table... right? Love when sleeping, the candles went out and their scent is one thing with your dreams 🌬🌛
06 Sep 2019
138 5
Cozy DTLA candle 😍 she’s like a warm hug in a cool breeze. Hints of tobacco turn up the heat but the bayberry cools it down 🤤. #Repost @hygveg ・・・ 🖤Ooh, I'll pick you up If you come back to America, just hit me up 'Cause this is crazy love I'll catch you on the flipside If you come back to California🖤~ Lana del Rey~ ⁣#makemoments #passionpassport
04 Sep 2019
168 1
Inspired by our most BASIC instincts to indulge, burn this heavenly brew as a luxurious pre-holiday treat 🕯👩🏻‍🔬 it’s rich velvety pumpkin, smoked vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg combine for that perfect pumpkin spice blend. #pumpkinspice #basic #basicbitch
29 Aug 2019
172 9
Even though our weho is fruity + orangey, this peach Anthurium (aka a laceleaf) is stunning 😍👀 a refreshing combo for everyday happiness. Aromatherapy tip: use citrus + orange scents in the morning to help wake up!! #aromatherapy #flores #orange
28 Aug 2019
158 5
Our work desk for the day... candles + cacti + succulents + pilea (the green dude in the middle) 👩🏻‍🔬🕯👩🏼‍🔬 #urbanjungle #womensupportingwomen #womenowned
27 Aug 2019
428 9
Big Sur smells just as dreamy as this picture looks 👃🏼👃🏼it’s perfectly blended base notes of cedar & redwood + smoky yet minty top notes of rosemary! #Repost @hygveg ・・・ My favorite things 🕯📖🎻 🌾🌅big Sur candle @floreslane #bigsur #madeinla
23 Aug 2019
356 2
Hovering over the candles and watching the wax dry never gets old... even after 5 years, every batch is like my BABY 😍👩🏻‍🔬👩🏼‍🔬 (this is our pour from this afternoon, part 1 of 4) #handcrafted #aromatherapy
22 Aug 2019
377 9
Caught in the act by @fancysarah! It’s @kamstarjamstar and I creating a magical scent together in the lab 👩🏼‍🔬👩🏻‍🔬 2 noses are always better than 1 👃🏼👃🏼#womensupportingwomen #doityourself
21 Aug 2019
291 10
We’re cooking up something special with @flow_kana for the fall: a pumpkin spice candle!! Make sure you’re on the look out for it- they post their pop up schedule + locations in their stories!! Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! #pumpkin #aroma #yum
18 Aug 2019
447 20
Mmmm sandalwood!!! Our sacral chakra candle is blended with a few types of sandalwood oils to give it a full body scent. Sandalwood comes from the wood and roots of the East Indian Sandalwood Tree and has both medicinal and therapeutic properties: increase alertness, manage anxiety, support wound healing, guard against skin cancer, and fight bacteria! #sandalwood #aromatherapy 📸 @joi.knows.how
16 Aug 2019
416 2
Our baby ‘bu in Berlin! #Repost @hygveg ・・・ Everyday is skincare day ✨🤲🏻💦🧴🧼🧖🏻‍♂️#cleanbeauty #maleskincare #berlinlife
15 Aug 2019
469 29
What an incredible day!! Thank you so much to @anaandthings && @sohohouselosangeles for bringing us all together and speaking about connections, wellness, and healing! Thank you to everyone that took the time to come and listen to us speak, it was such an honor! #womensupportingwomen #sohohouse #westhollywood
14 Aug 2019
419 12
Right outside the Lab... Eye Spy Pool Haus Edition. 👀🕯👀 Ps it’s our last week to use our promo code FOMO for 20% off 🤸🏻‍♀️💃🏻 #poolside #retroaesthetic
13 Aug 2019
849 10
Wanna watch some wax dry? Thank you @fancysarah for another amazing time lapse of these sooooooo sexy palos verdes candles 😍👀👃🏼 #naturalliving #diyhomedecor
12 Aug 2019
440 12
Messy bun, get blends done 👃🏼👃🏼 working overtime to perfect these scents.. I’m really into the Palo Santo lately (hence the big bottle of it in the background), it’s a healing oil that has soooo many medicinal / aromatherapy properties!! The scent itself is minty + earthy 👃🏼#palosanto #essentialoils 📸 @fancysarah
10 Aug 2019
611 5
A little bit of southern hospitality for our Venice baby, (on the tray left of the pup) courtesy of @camillezabub, out of Atlanta, Georgia! #zen #homedecoration
09 Aug 2019
404 9
@fancysarah is back at it again with the time lapse of a big pour for @italic! First she put the wicks in, then added all the sticks, then poured 6 pitchers of wax into these guys! They’re scented with our fabulous Palo Santo from a farm in Ecuador + cedar + woodsmoke (to give that fireside smell we love) + topped off with black pepper for a bit of spice. #palosanto #aromatherapy
08 Aug 2019
664 6
Sometimes it’s a two candle kind of night... and these dudes are complimentary- the orange in the WEHO + the magnolia in Manhattan Beach are magical when blended together!! 🤸🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🔬 #weho #manhattanbeach
05 Aug 2019
582 10
Creating immersive art installations by adding scent to @shamshawan’s work and to @danitsa_m’s stage + performance. A collaborative effort filmed by @redbull & @redbullarts && special shout out to @shamshawan for being a visionary and including me on the project!! #aromatherapy #collab
03 Aug 2019
244 1
Wanna watch some wax dry? Here’s a time lapse of one of our big pours for @italic! This batch is black currant + geranium and is sooooo deliciously soothing. (Ps the reason why the wax solidified weird on the top half of the batch is because it was poured slightly too hot. Heat gun will fix it!) #doityourself #blackcurrant #aromatherapy 📸 @fancysarah
02 Aug 2019
484 3
Mmmmm the Mar Vista candle is a light and airy blend that reminds you that you’re near the ocean but entrenched in the greenery that develops around it. It's a mixture of fresh english ivy and tart seaberry. #aromatherapy #marvista OH PS use code FOMO for 20% off!
31 Jul 2019
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