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Pillow Pals are back! And they're still 50% off! #Shop early for the best selection. #bigsoftandsqueaky #pillowpals #gladdogsnation #allprofitsdonated https://gladdogsnation.com/products/pillow-pals
20 Feb 2019
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Way back when #GladDogs was getting started, Jennifer Malik drove around New Jersey stopping at every thrift store she saw to buy stuffed animals to donate to us. She collected mailing boxes we could use to ship out orders. She #donated supplies to help us support shelters and rescues in crisis and has simply "been there" for us whenever we put out the call for help. Jen, you are a treasure. Thanks for all your support -- physical, emotional and financial -- over the years. #beyondgrateful #ittakesmorethanavillage
13 Jan 2019
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Sweet little Olive is afraid of people setting off fireworks outside. Her tiny toy is her #securityblanket. Poor baby. #putthefireworksaway
06 Jan 2019
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Very special THANKS going out to a wonderful #doggie mom, animal advocate, and all-around special person. Looking at you, @Nancy_Lozoff! You make work fun and rewarding PLUS you help #GladDogsFoundation fulfill its mission to turn sad dogs into glad dogs. #Thankyou for your generosity and support!
04 Jan 2019
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This one took #giftbaskets to a new level! 10 dog toys and 10 cat toys nestled together! #gladtidings #gladdogsnation
12 Dec 2018
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Lots of Glad Dogs’ #giftbaskets available here at @opbarks holiday pet fair!
09 Dec 2018
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Our tripod foster dog, Daulton, wants to know why all these toys are shipping out and not being given to HIM. He was a bit more understanding once we explained that dogs at Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter in Kentucky, One Step Closer Animal Rescue OSCAR in New Jersey, Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue in New Jersey, and Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue in Louisiana are all getting toys to keep the pups busy while they wait for forever homes. Good boy, Daulton. We promise to find you a forever home soon. :-) Boxes: 4 Toys shipped: 200 Shipping: $125. Knowing dogs are going to play for weeks: PRICELESS!
24 Sep 2018
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We were looking to help the displaced animals by #HurricaneFlorence and we found a way! @wagsrescue, a local Bucks County rescue, sent a van down to NC to bring back dogs that were already in shelters when the storm hit. We were able to donate over 1,000 lbs. of dog food to help. Plus treats, chews and some of our toys to spread some smiles. Thanks @wagsrescue for going all the way to NC to bring so many dogs to safety! #safedogsaregladdogs #eatupsweetdoggies
16 Sep 2018
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We heard that Claude needed some love. Our crew sent toys- made with love- to Claude in Baltimore! This is what we do! 🐶 Feel better buddy! ❤️ #gladdogsnation. #barcsbaltimore #barcshelter
03 Sep 2018
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All #POOH toys are #onsale at gladdogsnation.com. Use POOH as the code at checkout to save 20% on your order! And just like always, 100% of our profits are donated to animal causes! #shoptohelp #pooh #tigger #eyeore #piglet #roo
01 Aug 2018
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Fun with the #EasterBasket! The toys are so cute and they are also #onsale @gladdogsnation.com! #dogslovetoys #catslovecatnip #allproceedsdonated #bethesolution
02 Apr 2018
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Glad Dogs Foundation shipped 850 lbs of dog food to @aroadtohome rescue in #idaho! While we paid to ship the food, we send sincere #thankstopetvalu for donating the food! #payitforward #supportlocalrescues #feedhomelessanimals #alldogsdeservetobegladdogs #gladdogsnation
12 Feb 2018
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